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DeLayna Stout (SHE/HER/HERS),
Therapist | CMHC

I’m so glad that you’ve found Guided Wellness Counseling. I know that dealing with anxiety, depression and trauma is exhausting. It makes it hard to be in relationships with others and never mind having a healthy relationship with yourself. A relationship that is unconditionally loving and shame-free!

My priority from your very first session is that you feel safe enough to explore your story. I know client’s often have ideas, questions, and possibly answers they sometimes don’t want to admit even to themselves. I’m honored that I get to spend time with clients in these most intimate moments and realizations.

I understand that brain fog, panic attacks, gaps in memory due to trauma and other issues make day to day life difficult. Perhaps this is why some of my favorite moments in a client’s growth process is when they discover an answer for themselves. Sometimes we’ve been exploring the possibility for weeks and then all of a sudden, in the session or the days between, they arrive with this amazing discovery – the very thing we’ve been exploring! These moments are so powerful.

I want you to know that you’re not in this alone. What makes me unique as a therapist, according to my clients, is my ability to boil complex ideas down to very salt of the earth explanations. I can create safety for us to address these complex issues, support your self awareness and teach you skills to support you in creating an adventurous life on your terms.

Relationships keep me coming back to this work. And after years of travel, it feels good to serve my community here in St. George, Utah. It would be a privilege to be your counselor and be a part of your transformation. Time and time again, I am strengthened as a witness to the solutions my clients create for themselves. I thank you for joining me on what is sure to be a fascinating journey


Smiling woman with blond hair, professional black blouse.

DeLayna stout

Therapist, CMHC
Melissa Spaulding Cass

Cass Waldo

Therapist, LCSW
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Melissa Spaulding

Therapist, CMHC
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Kim Klee

Practice Assistant


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