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Real Help for Anxiety in St. George Utah

Anxiety has been following you around for a while. You are on-edge as soon as you start getting ready for the day, feeling behind even though the sun has barely come up yet. Soon it seems like day to day life makes you irritable and your stress level is high. Some days you’re on the edge of rage or total overwhelm.

Even the sound of your children (whom you love deeply) feels like sandpaper on your nerves and is enough to send you over the edge. You’re not sure you can take one more thing. And when the day is done you want to relax. But this is when your heart starts to pound in your chest. Some nights you even wonder if you’ve developed a heart condition or should see your doctor.

Anxiety Symptoms Feel Like A Downward Spiral

Your partner and friends reassure you that it’s fine and you’re doing great. They say things like, “I don’t know how you do it all!” and inside you question how you are pulling it off too. You read somewhere about high functioning anxiety – is this it?

You love your job. You love getting it all done. But there is this feeling of drowning and never quite being good enough that is making itself louder and louder. More recently it’s getting harder to make simple decisions without an attitude of overwhelm or resentment and most days end with feeling like you didn’t do enough at work or at home. There is always more waiting for your attention.

When you try to relax in the evenings you often feel sick to your stomach and you can’t motivate yourself to do the self-care you planned. It feels like a dead end that even your best coping skills and self-help books cannot reach.

Therapy For Anxiety Provides Coping Skills And Deep Healing

At Guided Wellness Counseling in St. George, UT we help ambitious, driven women overcome anxiety and anxiety attacks so that they can move through life with greater freedom, ease and autonomy. By connecting deeply to your inherent worth, we release attachment to your productivity and the fear of disappointing others.

Our team of anxiety counselors are skilled at understanding anxiety symptoms in women and how anxiety attack symptoms may be showing up for you. Physical symptoms of anxiety like heart pounding, nausea and brain fog are addressed as you partner together to regulate your nervous system and begin to feel balanced and clear again. Our clients are accessing the clarity and calm they desire through regular therapy and learning the skills to help them cope and heal.

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Types Of Therapy NEAR ME: EMDR Therapy For Anxiety

Guided Wellness Counseling is the only therapy practice that understands your counseling sessions are an act of self care. You deserve nothing less! Using a variety of approaches including EMDR therapy our therapists partner with you to explore the inner voice that says, “I’m not good enough” and ”I’m too difficult.”

We can gently, but directly challenge the beliefs about our value, the fear we feel, and the tightness held in the body as we laugh, curse and connect during weekly sessions that are truly an act of self-care.

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At Guided Wellness we help women go from overwhelmed to creative and grounded so that they experience greater ease and joy in their daily life. If you are ready to break from the peaks of anxiety and feel greater joy and ease in your life, call for your FREE consultation today at (435)767-1424 or click the button below.

Our practice manager will help you explore your goals and match you with the best therapist on our Southern Utah team. Learn how weekly therapy sessions can give you the skills and deep foundational healing to relieve your body, heart and mind.

FAQ: How Do I Stop Feeling Anxious?

What’s My First Step To Manage Anxiety?
Because anxiety is a common and natural response to stress it can be confusing to know if it’s really a problem. Plus, many women with anxiety have become skilled at masking it so that their children, partner or colleagues don’t worry about them. Have you been minimizing how you really feel? Telling yourself this is just a difficult season of life?

Recognizing the signs of your anxiety is the first step towards finding relief. This first step to manage your anxiety invites you to become radically honest about how your anxiety has begun to affect you. Take a moment to consider how it is interfering with your daily life, how you talk to yourself and how you behave / feel in your relationships.

Keep in mind that ambitious women often face unique challenges that can contribute to heightened anxiety levels. Balancing work, personal life, and societal expectations can take a toll on your mental health and overall mood. At our Southern Utah office we help ambitious women who struggle with anxiety find relief from their moodiness and overwhelm. Unlike other therapists who only give you coping skills, we help you resolve the cause of your anxiety and stress.

How Do I Know If I Need Therapy For My Anxiety?

It can be hard to know if you need therapy for your anxiety. Especially if you are still performing well at work and having moments in your relationships where you feel super connected. But you don’t have to wait until you hit rock bottom. There are a few questions that you might ask yourself to decide if now is the time for you to get therapy:

  • How long have I been feeling this way?
  • How much longer do I want to tolerate feeling this way?
  • If I do nothing and it gets worse, what will that be like?
  • What can I do on my own to feel better?
  • What or who is impacted by my anxiety currently?
  • What is my anxiety stealing from me?

There are no right or wrong answers. These can be hard questions and the answers may be upsetting. But radical honesty with yourself is an important step in understanding how your anxiety is showing up. This will help inform you and your therapist how to begin moving forward together.

Do I Need Therapy Or Am I Overreacting?

This is a loaded question. First of all, let’s recognize that women tend to worry about (or be criticized for) “overreacting” more than men. For many women the fear that they are being irrational, dramatic or overreacting carries with it a unique pain. Second, the fear that we are overreacting is often attached to comparison or fear of how others perceive us. But at the end of the day your struggle is unique to you – no comparison needed.

It’s important to know that “over reaction” can be a symptom of anxiety and a valid reason to seek therapy. If you are wondering if it’s time to start therapy you may want to consider how much time you spend worrying about, living with or managing your anxiety. Is it more time than you’d like? Is it keeping you from doing things that would bring you joy?

As you decide whether or not you want to begin therapy, you can also ask yourself: Do you feel embarrassed or ashamed of your symptoms or struggle? Shame, guilt and embarrassment tend to amplify what we are feeling. We help women go from the burden of shame, guilt and embarrassment to freedom from their inner critic so that they have the confidence to move (imperfectly) forward with their lives.

Why Do I Feel Anxious For No Reason?

It’s so confusing to feel anxious for no reason at all. Perhaps you wake up feeling anxious or it hits you while you’re waiting at a stop light. It’s scary when your heart starts to pound in your chest at night while you’re watching Netflix and trying to relax – what gives?! Anxiety can show up for seemingly no reason at all.

Know that not everything that causes anxiety is obvious or observable. Sometimes it’s an accumulation of lots of small things that, on their own, wouldn’t bother you. But all added up it’s like a stress milkshake that’s making your body sick. Events from last week, years ago and your childhood can all contribute to your current experience of anxiety. The good news is that we don’t need to know why you’re feeling anxious to find relief in therapy.

Does Therapy For Anxiety Work?

Yes. And, for better or worse, therapy for anxiety will work differently for you compared to other women and depending on your unique history. While your sister might feel better after 4 sessions, your friend may be in therapy for a year or more.

There are a lot of things that can impact how you’ll heal including: how often you attend, the relationship you have with your therapist (Do you like them? Trust them? Feel respected by them?), your history of trauma and so much more.

But in general, we see that many clients experience a reduction or full relief from anxiety symptoms after several (or fewer) months of therapy; This experience is common enough that it’s cited by the American Psychological Association.

How Does Therapy for Anxiety Work?
It’s not uncommon to put off therapy because you don’t know what to expect. But the process at Guided Wellness Counseling is very straightforward. Everyone who calls our Southern Utah office starts with a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation. During this time we explore what’s going on and what your goals are for therapy.

Based on this, we match you with a therapist specific to your needs. We help women go from feeling “at a loss” and helpless to matched with the right therapist for their needs and goals so that they can  experience relief sooner and more reliably. We never simply book you with whoever has the next opening – you deserve an excellent match! After we’ve answered all of your questions you can book your first appointment.

Based on this, we match you with a therapist specific to your needs. We help women go from feeling “at a loss” and helpless to matched with the right therapist for their needs and goals so that they can experience relief sooner and more reliably. We never simply book you with whoever has the next opening – you deserve an excellent match! After we’ve answered all of your questions you can book your first appointment.

For example, in order to address anxiety you and your therapist may have sessions where you:

●Improve your self-esteem
● Set better boundaries
● Reduce people pleasing
● Plan for self-care
● Learn coping skills
● Address trauma
● Explore unhealthy relationships
● Improve communication skills
● Address life transitions

Sessions typically last 50 – 80 minutes and we often recommend you attend weekly in order to get you more effective relief and sooner.

Is There Therapy For Anxiety Near Me?
If you are in St. George UT or the Southern Utah area the answer is simple – yes! Guided Wellness Counseling is located across the street from Harmons Grocery store inSt. George UT. We are located in the Sun River Professional Plaza, which you may know for Papa Murphy’s Pizza.

Our address is 720 South River Road, Suite E103, St. George UT 84790.

At our Southern Utah office we have an amazing team of licensed mental health professionals. All of them are trained in EMDR therapy in addition to several other therapies to support your growth. We love getting to match you with the right therapist for your goals. Telehealth / online sessions are always available if you’re not able to attend in-person. Telehealth sessions are also a great option for women living in more rural areas of Southern Utah like Duck Creek, Enoch or Panguitch.

Do You Provide Therapy For Children With Anxiety?
At Guided Wellness Counseling we work with adults only and specialize in women’s anxiety, depression and trauma / PTSD. We believe that children require licensed therapists who are trained specifically in play therapy.

Having said that, where there is an anxious child there is often a stressed out parent (members of our team know this first hand!). If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by your child’s anxious, angry or  challenging behavior we encourage you to consider getting into therapy for your own stress management. We are here for you.

How Do I Find The Right Therapist For My Anxiety?

This is an important question. There are a few factors that really, really matter when it comes to finding the right therapist for your anxiety. You want someone awesome who you can trust. Someone you can cry in front of and be radically honest with. Having a professional who genuinely cares about your progress and never judges or shames you is essential. How do you get this?

The first step is to call and ask questions. At Guided Wellness Counseling we always set aside 15 minutes to be on the phone with you for a complimentary consultation. We will work together to match you with the best therapist for your goals. If you are looking for EMDR therapy, rest assured, Guided Wellness Counseling is the only therapy practice that specializes in EMDR therapy for women’s mental health in St. George Utah.

When you call for an appointment we want to encourage you to ask any questions you need to feel comfortable getting started. Are you looking for a female therapist? Do you want someone who understands trauma? We’ve had clients ask “Who on your team is best to help me through a faith  crisis?” Getting answers to these questions will help you determine if this is the right therapist for you.

What Are Signs You Have Anxiety?

Your experience of anxiety is like a fingerprint, it’s unique to you. And that matters! Without acknowledging your lifestyle, relationships, work / life balance, culture and more you risk facing a daily battle with recurring symptoms. At Guided Wellness Counseling we understand this. You want  relief that takes into consideration your personal experience and day-to-day resources.

Many of the women that seek therapy for anxiety at our St. George, UT office report struggling with anxiety symptoms such as:

  • Feeling tense, nervous or unable to relax.
  • Having a sense of dread, or fearing the worst.
  • Brain fog, trouble concentrating or difficulty making decisions.
  • Feeling nervous around others, as if they can see you’re anxious.
  • Increased heart rate and restlessness.
  • Feeling shaky or jittery.
  • Moodiness and irritability.
  • Difficulty sleeping and bad dreams.
What Will I Do With My Therapist?

During therapy sessions your therapist will get to know you for the unique person that you are. Together you’ll assess both your history (how you got this point) and what’s working or not working for you right now. This information will help your therapist make personalized recommendations for reducing your anxiety. This may include coping skills (e.g. breath work, etc) as well specific modalities  such as EMDR therapy or IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapy.

The right combination of interventions will help you feel better and back in control of yourself. Your therapist will empower and support you as you make personal decisions about your health and relationship.

What Type of Therapy Is Best For Anxiety?
Thinking about starting therapy can feel overwhelming. How will you find a therapist? Will you like them? And will this actually help ? You’ve tried finding resources on your own and nothing has made a huge or lasting difference. But you do have options for moving forward and Guided Wellness Counseling provides personalized treatment – no one-size-fits-all recommendations.

The truth is, there is no #1 best treatment for anxiety. At Guided Wellness we utilize a
combination of:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT: which is wonderful for addressing anxious
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT: which is great for tolerating distress and
    staying regulated)
  • Internal family systems therapy (IFS: a powerful tool for addressing overthinking,
    negative self-talk)
  • And so much more…

Additionally, our team of EMDR therapists see amazing results with EMDR therapy for anxiety. We are honored to be the premier providers of EMDR for women’s mental health in Southern Utah.

How Often Should I Attend Therapy For Anxiety?
At Guided Wellness Counseling we often recommend you attend weekly sessions, 1 session every week. Women who attended weekly sessions often:

  • Learn more coping skills, and faster
  • Promptly catch and correct what’s not working
  • Have better follow through on lifestyle or relationship changes
  • Experience a deeper, more meaningful relationship with their therapist
  • Report relief sooner and to a greater degree

Having said that, you’ll want to consider your availability, schedule, childcare and other factors. We find that many clients enjoy having an appointment the same day and time each week. This can help you simplify your schedule and also reminds you that, when you get overwhelmed, your next session is just a few days away.

How Can I Reduce My Anxiety Naturally?

Have you considered taking medication for your anxiety? Many women have mixed feelings about whether or not to take anti-anxiety medication and that’s okay. Weekly therapy sessions can help you make the most of whatever route you take.

To be clear, our clinical team does not prescribe or recommend medications; only medically trained doctors can do this (such as a psychiatrist). If you are considering medication or want to learn more we can recommend you to a trusted provider in Southern Utah.

Whether or not you choose medication, we have good news for you:

  • Weekly therapy sessions may help reduce your anxiety to the point you do not
    need medication (or can reduce your dose).
  • Weekly therapy sessions may help you make the most of your medication –
    capitalizing on the balance it’s providing you.

So whether you are on medication or not, working with a therapist to improve your coping skills for anxiety and healing the source of your anxiety is a wonderful way to reduce your symptoms.

What Brings Anxiety Down Fast?

While there is no magic bullet for anxiety there are a few things that help bring anxiety down fast. The first and most effective thing you can do is cultivate a sense of mindfulness. See, when you are feeling anxious or having a panic attack it’s easy to feel scared, fearful or overwhelmed. This will feed into your anxiety or your panic attack, building upon it.

It can be helpful to remember during moments of anxiety that you are safe – that this feeling cannot hurt you. You might repeat to yourself, “This is intense but I am safe.” “This is intense but it will pass… it will pass… it will pass.” Feel into your body and notice your feet on the ground or your hips in the chair. Learning this and other grounding exercises can mean the difference between an anxious moment and a total come-apart.

How Do I Overcome Overthinking and Anxiety?

Have you noticed that your overthinking is robbing you of joy? Flexibility? Or looking forward to things you had planned to enjoy? This is an often overlooked symptom of anxiety, especially if you have become skilled at masking the stress and fear you carry in your mind. Overthinking is worse when you’ve been performing a lot of emotional or relational labor in your day to day life.

Our licensed therapist can help you take a first step to overcoming anxious thinking: really noticing your anxious thoughts. An outsider’s perspective can change everything! Do they have a pattern? What are they about? Do they stem from trauma or a painful experience in your life? Is there a theme? Do they sound like you or someone else? Answers to questions like these can help you find a way to tone down, redirect or release these anxious thought patterns.

Overthinking can also indicate an unresolved fear. EMDR therapy is a wonderful tool for addressing triggering events and the thoughts, feelings and body sensations that pop up when you are over thinking. At Guided Wellness Counseling all of our therapists help women go from overwhelmed to creative and grounded so that they experience greater ease and joy in their daily life.

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