Anxiety Treatment For Women

Anxiety Feels Like Moving Too Fast And Like You Can’t Move At All… All At Once.

Anxiety has been following you around for a while. You are on-edge as soon as you start getting ready for the day, feeling behind even though the sun has barely come up yet. Soon it seems like every little thing gets on your nerves and your stress level is high, some days on the edge of rage.

Even the sound of your children (whom you love deeply) feels like sandpaper on your nerves and is enough to send you over the edge. You’re not sure you can take one more thing. And when the day is done you want to relax. But this is when your heart starts to pound in your chest. Some nights you even wonder if you’ve developed a heart condition or should see your doctor.

Anxiety Can Feel Like A Downward Spiral In All Areas Of Your Life

Your partner and friends reassure you that it’s fine and you’re doing great. They say things like, “I don’t know how you do it all!” and inside you question how you are pulling it off too. You read somewhere about high functioning anxiety – is this it?

You love your job. You love getting it all done. But there is this feeling of drowning and never quite being good enough that is making itself louder and louder. You’ve never wanted to be a “perfect little housewife” but now you wonder if you are any good at adulting at all.

More recently it’s getting harder to make simple decisions without an attitude of overwhelm or resentment and most days end with feeling like you didn’t do enough at work or at home. There is always more waiting for your attention.

When you try to relax in the evenings you often feel sick to your stomach and you can’t motivate yourself to do the self-care you planned. It feels like a dead end that even your best coping skills and self-help books cannot reach.

Therapy For Anxiety Provides You With Skills And Deep Healing

At Guided Wellness Counseling in St. George, UT we help ambitious, driven women overcome anxiety and anxiety attacks so that they can move through life with greater freedom, ease and autonomy. By connecting deeply to your inherent worth, we release attachment to your productivity and the fear of disappointing others.

Our team of anxiety counselors are skilled at understanding anxiety symptoms in women and how anxiety attack symptoms may be showing up for you. Physical symptoms of anxiety like heart pounding, nausea and brain fog are addressed as you partner together to regulate your nervous system and begin to feel balanced and clear again. Our clients are accessing the clarity and calm they desire through regular therapy and learning the skills to help them cope and heal.

Release Negative Self Talk, Fears and Tension With EMDR Therapy For Anxiety

Using a variety of approaches including EMDR therapy our therapists partner with you to explore the inner voice that says, “I’m not good enough” and ”I’m too difficult.” We can gently, but directly challenge the beliefs about our value, the fear we feel, and the tightness held in the body as we laugh, curse and connect during weekly sessions that are truly an act of self-care.

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