How To Say No: A Class About Boundaries

Do you struggle to say “No,” and find yourself overwhelmed, tired or resentful? Do you often sense yourself simply putting-up with uncomfortable situations and tolerating uncomfortable relationships? Are you worried about coming across as disrespectful, mean or...

How Coffee Killed My Self Care

How Coffee Killed My Self Care

This past week I gave up coffee for 7 days. Now mind you, I have no religious, ethical, moral or other objections to coffee. I have enjoyed drinking coffee since my 20s. I have fond memories of my father dunking toast into his coffee at the family breakfast table. I...

The Power of Setting Goals and Creating Vision Boards

Let’s be honest here. A lot of people out there think vision boards are mumbo jumbo. Fluffy. Hokey. A nice idea but just too ‘feel good’ to be of any real effect. Aren’t vision boards for hippies and psychics? In a word, no. But when was the last time anyone actually...

Personal Boundaries Masterclass – Guided Wellness

Personal Boundaries Masterclass – Guided Wellness

Join us at the Personal Boundaries Masterclass Boundaries are a standard that promotes your integrity; what is okay and what’s not okay. Join licensed therapist Melissa Spaulding for a dynamic masterclass about boundaries. Why a masterclass? Because this isn’t just...

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