The Ultimate Group For Your LDS Faith Transition.

Parting with the church of Latter Day Saints can be equally parts transformative and disorienting.

What is the path forward when you leave a culture that provided you with certainty, community and a direction for your life? Do you leave every part of your LDS identity behind or keep what fits? And what does this mean for your relationships that were once grounded in shared beliefs,lifestyle and faith?

Following a change in belief, faith or practice it can be difficult to have relationships with friends and family that now fear for your soul and salvation. Talking about your new lifestyle can feel impossible or come at great cost. Bonding and socializing may suddenly feel challenging and shallow. And when your worth was once measured by activities, committees, tithing, marriage or a growing family feelings of shame, guilt and deep personal doubt can set in.

A change of faith and identity can take more than weeks, months… even years as the layers of your upbringing unfold. Whether you have left the church publicly or if you have only admitted this in intimate moments with your own heart, know that your journey matters.

There is no one path forward. And you deserve unconditional support. You can have a safe place to plant your feet as you ground deeply into your unquestionable worth. You have a right to set boundaries that protect your heart, mind and body in this unique journey of belief.

From LDS To LD-Ex is a month-long course that will assist you as you:

  • Move beyond old measures of worthiness and take steps to own your inherent worth and value.
  • Learn to confidently and lovingly set boundaries in every relationship you experience.
  • Embody the process of change and deeply understand your unique journey.
  • Gather skills to take you beyond this month-long group and direct your own transformation.
Standard Enrollment includes:

  • Weekly small-group LIVE video calls including education, experiential exercises and homework to grow your insight between meetings.
  • A private facebook group to share your insights, collect resources and build community.
  • Bonus content based on the group’s real-time needs.
VIP Enrollment is a great fit if you are needing additional support to explore the impact of spiritual abuse or trauma, shifts in your gender roles or sexuality or if you are looking for guidance on how to communicate with children about your faith transition or other special areas of concern.

VIP Enrollment includes:

  • All Standard Enrollment content and activities PLUS…
  • A private 60 minute one-one-one call with Melissa to address your unique journey and set a path forward.
  • An additional 90 minute VIP-group call to transform your self-care and create an individualized self-care plan.
If you are curious if this group is right for you or have questions let’s find a time to chat. Call,email or use the contact page – 3 easy ways to schedule a consultation with me. I can’t wait to see you in the February group and have you join this amazing community.
Disclaimer: This work is based on the belief that all individuals are worthy and valuableregardless of their identity or faith. It is further based on the belief that faith is a personal,intimate experience which varies from person to person regardless of their religion (or lack thereof). This group experience is not meant to lead you away from nor towards any faith or religionbut to support you where you are and where you hope to go with respect and honor for yourindividual path.


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