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Healing | Depression | Anxiety | Trauma

The depression and anxiety that has followed you to this moment, you know it’s time to pay attention to it.

Have you been working hard, putting on a smile for your friends, children and partner? Have you been trying to do it all?

But the irritability, recurring ‘blues’ and fatigue just haven’t let up.

Adventurous women who are struggling with depression, anxiety and trauma work with us to improve their  confidence, create healthy boundaries, reduce stress and move beyond the things that cause them pain.

In your sessions at Guided Wellness, we’ll explore the connection between the things you’ve experienced in the  past, your current struggles and how they are affecting your lifestyle and relationships in the present moment.

You’ll come to understand yourself better as you explore your depression and anxiety symptoms or the PTSD that interferes day after day.

As a result, you’ll become less irritable, more relaxed, and have deeper relationships with your children, partners, and friends.

You’ll learn the art of setting boundaries to increase confidence and reduce people-pleasing behavior. You’ll be  empowered to make choices that create balance in your life. Self-care takes on a whole new meaning and self-worth begins to feel effortless.

Imagine eliminating codependency patterns and experiencing greater self-esteem with less negative self-talk. And  the coping skills you’ll be shown to move through the difficult, chaotic moments that life still serves up. You’ll have a new sense of confidence in your ability to make it through to the other side.

You’re invited to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to explore if counseling is the next step for you. You’ll be given the information you need, and we’ll recommend the best therapist for your process. Our goal is for you to feel understood, empowered and respected from the start. Let’s get started on this together.

Our Focus with Mental Health


    • I feel stuck in my own daily life..

    • Irritability and anger overwhelm me…

    • Decisions are so hard to make…

    • I’m not sure I know what I need…

    • I want to feel playful and alive again.


    • I feel electric and nervous in my body…

    • My thoughts keep racing…

    • I can’t rest even when I want to…

    • Micromanaging has overwhelmed my relationships…

    • I want to feel peaceful in my own life.


    • My past keeps following me…

    • Relationships have become difficult…

    • There is a pit in my stomach and tightness in my chest…

    • I keep feeling like things are my fault and I’m never safe…

    • I want to move forward.

Meet Our Team


(She/ Her / Hers)

I’m so glad that you’ve found Guided Wellness Counseling. I know that dealing with anxiety, depression and trauma is exhausting. It makes it hard to be in relationships with others and never mind having a healthy relationship with yourself. A relationship that is unconditionally loving and shame-free!




Hello and welcome to Guided Wellness! I am so glad you are here; you being here and considering therapy for yourself is a brave, empowered choice. I know that depression, anxiety and trauma / PTSD can make it feel difficult to talk about your struggle. That’s why my number one priority is to create a space where you feel safe and confident to explore your story with me. I want you to know that therapy is a collaboration between us. We are in this together, right in the middle of Southern Utah.




Welcome to Guided Wellness Counseling! Before we ever meet in the therapy office I need you to know that, above all things, I want for you to feel safe in this process. When you first become a client, being in the therapy chair can feel like a vulnerable place. I know from my own experience and from my client’s experiences that we don’t grow until we lean into that feeling of vulnerability. So I challenge you to join me in that place somewhere between taking a risk (vulnerability) and showing up anyway.


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