My Secret Weapon in EMDR Therapy

My Secret Weapon in EMDR Therapy.

I have a secret weapon that has magnified my EMDR therapy sessions for the past 4years. I wish I had discovered it sooner. But now that it’s mine I’m never going to give it up. In fact, I’m sharing it with you.

Are you ready?

Even though I’m EMDRIA EMDR Certified… I still get a consultation.

Freedom​. It’s the only word that comes close to describing how I feel in my EMDRtherapy sessions since becoming certified AND engaging in further consultation. This combination grounds me in my experiences, growing knowledge, and intuition.

There are literally dozens of protocols besides the standard method you learned in basic training. Honestly, my mind spins the longer I practice EMDR therapy and become immersed in training with the best of the best, Francine’s right-hand men and women.

Among my favorites are:

●The ​Level Of Urge To Avoid (LOUA) ​protocol – an amazing method that reduces a client’s resistance to working on a target.
●The ​PRECI-OTS protocol ​- this method has transformed how I work with clients who have experienced ongoing traumatic stress.
●The AIP informed ​Acute Stress Syndrome Stabilization(ASSYST) Procedure​ for regulating an over-aroused client in the moment.

But new tools are not always easy to integrate. Consultation keeps me on track as I continue to diversify and deviate from the standard protocol. Now, my EMDR therapywork feels confident and streamlined as I pivot and choose from a variety of resources. They all stem from the AIP model, making in-session transitions flow consistently for my clients.

True story: I was working with a client for months on their history of chronic, daily abuse using the standard protocol. Progress felt slow and their list of float-back-inspired memories was never-ending. Then I went through the PRECI-OTS training with Dr.Ignacio (Nacho) Jarero and I made an immediate pivot in EMDR treatment. My client’s progress took off. We began resolving target after target after target. Results were real and undeniable as their quality of life began improving in real-time.

Nothing compares to my relationship with my consultant. She helps me see when to change and when to stay the course. She reinforces my confidence. I’m supported as Idream up new ways to better serve my community and we share training and the growing edges of trauma-informed care.

As an EMDRIA Consultant, I love getting to provide the same knowledge, growth, and confidence to my private and group consultees. Groups are full of learning, sharing, and story as we gather around one another struggles and success. Individual meetings dive deep into case conceptualizations and light fires under your confidence and direction.

If you are already EMDRIA certified, don’t neglect your need for continued consultation. It will transform your client’s progress and deepen your toolbox in ways you couldn’timagine on your own. And if you aren’t certified, check out my blog, “​10 Reasons to get your EMDR Certification.” to see if consultation is right for you.


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