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Join us at the Personal Boundaries Masterclass

Boundaries are a standard that promotes your integrity; what is okay and what’s not okay. Join licensed therapist Melissa Spaulding for a dynamic masterclass about boundaries. Why a masterclass? Because this isn’t just about education and motivation (although you’ll get both). It’s about stepping up to the plate and making changes. This night. Now.

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You deserve to have emotional boundaries that are strong enough to block the critics, loud enough when need and flexible enough to let the love in. We’ve all struggled with feeling small at times, helpless or resentful. Some of us yell back in rage or use sarcasm. Some of us hide in the nearest shadow, smiling like it’s fine. But it’s not. The Boundaries Masterclass is for those that are ready to draw a line. In this three hour experience we’ll be covering:

What Are Boundaries?
20 ways to say “No.”
Why you should say “YES!”
Understanding Emotional Boundaries
Setting Physical Boundaries
Tapping into Sexual Boundaries
The Value of Boundaries In Your Life
Identifying Boundary Violations
Boundaries When No One Else Cares
Creating and Maintaining Your Boundaries
Claiming Your Integrity

Some of us struggle with boundaries because of trauma, codependency, anxiety or depression. Others of us were raised in families or cultures that taught us it’s more important to “be nice” than to take care of ourselves. Whatever the reason, know that boundaries can only enhance your self care and the quality of your life. Join us for this intimate, small group experience as Melissa breaks down the basics of boundaries, provides out-of-your seat experiential exercises and game-changing interactions. Together we’ll learn, stretch and step fearlessly into our own adventurous lives.

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Located in the beautiful and relaxing Society Center you’ll find your eye’s opening, heart relaxing and body alive with the possibilities of greater wellness. Join us on Tuesday, June 18 from 6 – 9 PM. We look forward to seeing you there. Visit the EventBrite site for easy registration, early bird tickets and bring-a-friend discounts.

DISCLAIMER: As we will be discussing sexual boundaries this masterclass is best suited for adults.


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