Sprint Towards Loving Yourself

Are you craving connection and unity with a group of women who are working their butts off just like you?

Do you find yourself feeling isolated and alone in the world of business or just as a women trying to start something new?

Are you tired of feeling like you are the only who is going through the hard stuff?

Are you ready to call a truce with social media and cultivate a life that is unique to you and looks like no one else’s?

Are you ready to thrive in this world and truly say, “YES, I LOVE MY SELF”!

This weekend I have the amazing opportunity to present at the Love Yourself conference right here in St. George. Along with a host of women who will be presenting on self love, creating community and being powerful beyond measure I’ll have a chance to spotlight what it takes to manifest a life that feels brave, adventurous and within your power.

Created by Badassery Magazine this is event was cultivated for women who are ready for connections, inspiration and one hell of a good time. I’ve been to their other events and I’m certain you will leave inspired, empowered and with the tools to take action in your life!

Here’s the shortcut to getting tickets:


Tickets for Saturday start at $57 dollars which is cheaper than a massage, a therapy appointment (yes, I said it) or 1 hour with a personal trainer. So really, it’s a bargain. You can choose to attend Saturday afternoon/evening or begin the event on Friday night (an excellent choice for those of you that need to let loose). You can start to connect with this amazing community (even if you don’t attend the conference) starting on Facebook.

Connect to Badassery Magazine on Facebook for daily motivation on your feed.
At the conference you can expect:
• Empowering Keynote Speakers
• Local Incredible Food Trucks
• End of Day Epic Dance Party
• All Day DJ (this is not a normal event)
• Meet and Greet with Incredible Vendors
• Epic Swag Bags from Badassery Mag and Sponsors
• Meet and Connect With New & Empowering Friends.
• Ridiculously Fun Activities
• Connections
• Business Highlights from Local Women in Business
• Life Changing Ephiphanies

Self care is a topic that most of my clients venture into at some point in their process. Whether they are learning how to start a routine of care or how to create systems that make self care sustainable and truly meet needs (not just ‘wants’ or the public’s perception of self care) it can be a curious journey. Too many of us get stuck in the cycle of: go to the gym, get a massage, treat myself to a coffee…. Self care is so much more than this! And loving yourself as if YOU are your own favorite person if critical. It’s time to see that reflection in your own mirror.
Attending events such as these are a great opportunity to sprint forward and make big progress in short time all while building a community that will help you maintain the change. After all, this is not a quick fix and there is no easy solution. But if you are ready to consider change, begin change or want to change the course from your current path consider tapping into local events such as the Love Yourself conference. I promise to keep ya’ll informed of other local events to inspire your journey as you create a life that fulfills your unique sense of purpose.

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