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The Guided Wellness Counseling Team
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Our Team Knows The Struggle

Hello you. We see you – the part of you that is an undeniably ambitious woman. You have come this far by keeping it all together and going for your goals. You call your shots and your dreams: a healthy body, healthy relationships and growing a family full of intimacy, trust and fun. Total fulfillment.

But we also see that you are overwhelmed. By almost anything and everything. You have an undeniable love for your kids… and can also lash-out louder and firmer than you ever imagined. Your sprint powered work sessions are followed by hours zoned out on Netflix. When did it all get to be too much?

Therapy has crossed your mind but it seems like such a big investment and little over-the-top.

It’s not. Therapy is the next best step.

This Is Not the Life You Signed Up For Darlin’

Because if your peace of mind is not driving the show – what is? Irritability? Overwhelm? Exhaustion? Unpredictable moods? And have you caught yourself holding back in your relationships? Yeah… We’ve been there too.

One of the most difficult things about your struggle is how you can feel all alone with it. It is hard to share it with others, especially when they know you as the girl-who-can-do-it-all. That disconnect from others is painful. So is the disconnect you feel from yourself.

If you’ve ever read a self-help book, searched pinterest for time management solutions or followed a tick-tock account for relationship inspiration then you likely know the joy of having a moment’s relief… a moment of inspiration and hope… But what if you could have more?

Counseling Can Make A Difference

The gift of counseling is the experience of being seen and heard by another human. Therapy provides you an opportunity to set down the shame and guilt. There is no need to apologize. Being human is a messy process and we’ve done our own work well enough to know that for certain.

At Guided Wellness we are here to support you in your journey from depression, anxiety, and trauma. We want you to have coping skills to manage the stress of daily life, but our specialty is getting to the root of the issue so that you can cope less and live more. We are proud to be the premiere provider of EMDR therapy for women – with every member of our team trained with the EMDR International Association.

Combining Guidance And Collaboration

As licensed therapists, our first goal is for you to walk into our office and breathe a deep sigh of relief. You can be certain that help is on its way and reassured that no, you are not crazy. Never will we make assumptions about you or your lifestyle. DeLayna brings humor and laughter.. Melissa has a potty-mouth and direct-to-you delivery. Cass calms nerves by just entering the room! And never will we ever make light of your story.

You matter and you will be empowered with a process and tools to take healing into your own hands. What you’ll get from us is plenty of curiosity and the enthusiasm that comes with knowing that this struggle is not forever. Your emotions don’t have to run all over you. We can take charge of this together.

Powerful Transformations For Women In St. George, UT

We believe that life is meant to be an adventure. Can you imagine living so honestly and authentically that you take heartfelt risks in your relationships and boldly pursue a life of your own design? Our clients are:

  • Lawyers and business owners
  • Full time moms, child-free / childless women and IFV warriors
  • Single and married
  • Straight, gay and queer
  • Divorced, separated and in “nontraditional” arrangements

We see the diversity in our community and celebrate it. Men and LGBTQIA folks welcome!

Whatever your goal is, we will match you to a therapist on our team. Start with a free 15-minute phone consultation today.. We’ll help you explore your goals, match you with a team member and answer all of your questions. If the fit is right, you’ll begin weekly therapy sessions and find the relief, ease and flow you always imagined for yourself.

Call now or schedule online for a free 15 minute consultation and get started today.

Meet Our Team

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(She/ Her / Hers)
I’m so glad that you’ve found Guided Wellness Counseling. I know that dealing with anxiety, depression and trauma is exhausting. It makes it hard to be in relationships with others and never mind having a healthy relationship with yourself. A relationship that is unconditionally loving and shame-free!


Hello and welcome to Guided Wellness! I am so glad you are here; you being here and considering therapy for yourself is a brave, empowered choice. I know that depression, anxiety and trauma / PTSD can make it feel difficult to talk about your struggle. That’s why my number one priority is to create a space where you feel safe and confident to explore your story with me. I want you to know that therapy is a collaboration between us. We are in this together, right in the middle of Southern Utah.

Melissa Spaulding Cass
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Welcome to Guided Wellness Counseling! Before we ever meet in the therapy office I need you to know that, above all things, I want for you to feel safe in this process. When you first become a client, being in the therapy chair can feel like a vulnerable place. I know from my own experience and from my client’s experiences that we don’t grow until we lean into that feeling of vulnerability. So I challenge you to join me in that place somewhere between taking a risk (vulnerability) and showing up anyway.

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