Understanding Trauma

Trauma. It’s a buzz word these days, isn’t it? More people are speaking up and talking about the impact of traumatic events in their lives while many more are silently contemplating if trauma has effected their lives. Maybe you’ve found yourself questioning your own recovery from stressful events. Perhaps you haven’t been able ‘bounce back’ from difficult times. Or are your watching a loved one, hoping that ‘time will heal all wounds’ but it’s just not been that easy?

Healing from trauma and moving into a joyful and purposeful life is possible. Come learn why stress management is critical, how trauma effects both our minds and our bodies, and how people are moving past their past. I’m so excited to teach this free 1 hour course to our community. Everyone will leave with easy tools they can apply to their daily life.

Some join us at the High Vibrations Healing suite on Thursday, August 9 @ 6:30 PM. You’ll be able to tour the home of Guided Wellness, learn and ask questions about how you can start your own healing journey.


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