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Guided Wellness Counseling
Hiring Licensed Therapist

As a mental health professional, there are few things as rewarding as meeting with a client and feeling the privilege to hold space for them while confidently providing a process that you know will empower them. What does it feel like to work with your desired client?

The women of our community are overcoming depression, anxiety and trauma. You, as a trained therapist, want to help them on their journey of self-discovery and healing. You’d also like to supplement your income with clinical work that brings you joy, spending your time seeing the clients you most desire (not ones chosen for you by your agency or insurance). You want to feel free to support clients wherever they are in their relationships, sexuality, faith or lifestyle. You know there is no room for shame or secrecy in mental health and you don’t want to work for anyone, anywhere that lacks that cultural awareness.

But starting or maintaining your own private practice is more than you can take on at the moment. Or maybe the business side is not your strength: building a website, creating a fee structure, networking, marketing. It can easily become daunting or even overwhelming! You’d love to slip into a group atmosphere where you could work with a caseload of amazing, high achieving female clients who are not only ready, but who are dedicated to the therapy work. Being part of a diverse team where your individual skill set is valued can bring an interchange of joy not just to your coworkers, but the clients you work with. Leave at the end of the day knowing you did excellent work in helping women of diverse backgrounds cope through their trauma and mental anguish.

At Guided Wellness Counseling we are looking to hire a licensed therapist** (CMHC, LCSW, LMFT) to support our amazing clients through their journey. A comfortable, clean office atmosphere that is geared towards self-care is waiting for you. Our office is available for your use throughout the week with an emphasis in evening hours. Some afternoons, Fridays, full weekend and telehealth platform access is available to you as we coordinate our time together. Additionally, any office space, supplies, marketing, virtual assistant services and an electronic health record system will also be at your disposal. Owner, Melissa Spaulding (CMHC) is an EMDRIA Certified clinician and consultant in-training who is ready to provide in-house consultation to those also practicing EMDR therapy as a benefit included in their contract.

If this sounds like the next stop of your professional career, send over your resume, and a written (or video) cover letter. No traditional cover letters. We want to know the true you, why you’d fit with this practice, and tell me about those ideal clients with whom you do your most awesome and beneficial work!

All information can be submitted to Melissa Spaulding, CMHC at [email protected]

**Associate level therapists (full degree, but not yet licensed) are welcome to apply and will be considered on a case by case basis.