What happens In the First Therapy Appointment

What actually happens in a first therapy session with me at Guided Wellness? The first therapy session people attend is called an intake session. Even before we meet you’ll get an email from me with your new client paperwork so you know in advance about how confidential sessions are, my no-show policy and perks like how you can opt in for text reminders for appointments or view my social media where I regularly post tools, tips and inspiration. But now that we are face-to-face for your intake session, this is a chance for us to get to know one another and to explore the work that you want to accomplish.

I often begin by asking, “What brings you into counseling?” Chances are we’ve talked over the phone already during a FREE 15 min consultation so I have some insight. But often times people realize something from that first phone call and they have something new to share. So now we’ll discuss with greater curiosity your reason for coming and the story that brought you to this moment.

We’ll also talk about your wellness overall such as how you’re sleeping, eating and exercising. We’ll take an inventory of any health concerns or if you are on medications (want to be on… or want to be off medication). We’ll address if you have a history of trauma or abuse. Often times for women we’ll touch base on any pregnancy, miscarriage or birth experiences as these can be formative, important moments in your life. We’ll assess any workplace stress and where you feel supported socially.

Basically, the intake is our time to get a big picture of your life and how you’re functioning. With all this out on the table, it’s a perfect opportunity to explore a goal or two. What are you hoping to get out of therapy? Do you have an inkling about a skill that might help and want to learn? Do you have any questions for me about me as a person or counseling? I want to make sure you have all your questions answered.

And that’s it! Whew! Congratulations on making it through your first appointment. Clients often leave feeling a little more hopeful, a little more organized and eager to move forward. If you are ready to get to that place, call for your FREE 15 minute consultation to see if counseling with me could be a good fit for your journey forward.


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