4 Steps To Reduce Anxiety For Women

Anxious Fears Can Make You Feel Crazy

Anxiety has a way of playing tricks on your mind, bombarding you with scary questions and stealing the opportunity to answer them. You find yourself caught in a loop of fearful thoughts that seem to lead nowhere. The good news is, there is a powerful strategy to manage anxiety: answering those daunting questions.

Although it may initially trigger more anxiety, confronting the answers allows you to regain control and face your fears head-on. Fear loves to hide in the shadows – let’s rob it of its shadow! In this blog, we will explore how you can empower yourself when you notice anxiety’s scary questions creeping in and taking over your mood.

Step 1: Reduce Anxiety Symptoms By Confronting Unanswered Questions

One of anxiety’s ugliest qualities is that it often presents you with open-ended questions that trigger a sense of unease. You feel preoccupied and often distracted. “What if it all goes wrong?” or “What if they…?”

These questions tend to linger in your mind, feeding your fears and preventing you from finding resolution. However, one of the most effective ways to manage anxiety is to actively answer these questions. It might seem counterintuitive, as anxiety might whisper, “What if the answer is worse than you think?” Yet, by facing the question head-on, we can confront the potential outcomes and regain a sense of control.

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Step 2: Anxious Women Can Cope By Embracing the Unknown

Have you ever felt stuck or paralyzed by an unanswered question, by the unknown? Just sitting with the unknown can make you feel frozen and incapable of making a choice. Sometimes anxious thoughts can lead us to believe that knowing the answer is the worst thing that could happen!

But your ability to embrace the unknown is a powerful tool. Regardless of the answer, addressing the question allows you to face and deal with the truth. While it may be daunting, the empowerment that comes from developing solutions far outweighs the discomfort of avoiding the truth. This is the work women are doing with the licensed therapists at Guided Wellness Counseling at our St. George, UT office. By embracing the unknown, they step into their resilience and assert their ability to navigate challenging situations.

Step 3: A Solution To Reduce Anxiety Symptoms – The Next Tiny Step Forward

When we actively answer anxiety’s questions, we shift from passive worry to active problem-solving. As unpleasant as the answers may be, confronting them empowers you. Now you can move on to explore potential solutions. Rather than being held hostage by anxiety, you reclaim your agency and take small (maybe even tiny) proactive steps toward resolution. This shift in mindset opens doors to creativity and resourcefulness.

As an example, a friend of mine had recently relocated to a new city for a new job with her partner to whom she was engaged. Just before they moved into their apartment her partner ended the engagement and let her know he would not be coming. She was heartbroken and felt lost. The overwhelm of the tasks to come loomed: how would she tell her family, how would she make friends, could she survive in the new city in a new rental on her own salary?

Slowly, she worked through the questions one by one. She checked her bank account and pending salary – she would be okay for at least a few months. This removed the urgency. Next, she acknowledged that the “how will I tell my family?” was simple (however difficult): one call at a time and she would start with her mom. Later, she identified her mom as a person that could help respectfully share the news so she didn’t have to share the story 20 times. Not overnight, but one question at a time, she moved forward.

Other unanswered questions, such as, “Why did he leave me?” and “What if I never find a partner?” were sorted out with the help of her therapist. Those therapy sessions included other work such as strengthening her emotional boundaries, improving her communication skills and reducing people pleasing.

Step 4: Therapy Helps Reduce The Source Of Anxiety

Therapy at Guided Wellness Counseling offers a comfortable, safe and supportive environment that helps women face their fears with guidance and professional expertise. In fact, the team of counselors at Guided Wellness are known for pointing out that while coping skills are great, stopping to use a coping skill 20 times a day is not living a life! With this in mind, it’s important to work with a skilled therapist / counselor who can help identify the underlying causes of the fears and explore thought patterns and beliefs that contribute to its intensity.

Through various therapeutic techniques, such as EMDR therapy, you can gradually confront your fears – setting the pace yourself while you follow your therapist’s lead. Weekly therapy sessions at our St. George office become a compassionate space to process emotions, gain insight into fears, and develop practical skills to navigate and overcome them. All of this leads to you feeling more confident in your future and in control of your emotions.

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Answering anxiety’s scary questions is an empowering approach to managing anxiety. It allows you to face your fears, embrace the unknown, and choose your next steps. With this, many find their anxiety symptoms can be reduced. But this process is not always easy due to overwhelm, confusion and just plain ol’ feeling stuck. Weekly therapy sessions with a licensed counselor can help. The next step is to call or text (435)767-1424 for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation.

During this consultation our office manager will help you identify your goals for counseling. Then we’ll match you to the best therapist on our Southern Utah team for your goals and personality. Scheduling is easy and we practice a zero-waitlist policy – because no one should have to wait to feel better! We are ready to begin when you are. Let’s take the first step to managing your anxious thoughts and releasing your fears.


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