Managing Anxiety for Women in St. George, UT

Finding Balance & Living With Anxiety In St. George, UT

Anxiety can be a challenging experience to confront, especially when we hesitate to admit its presence. This is especially true for women living in St. George, UT. In a community where strength and resilience are highly valued, it can be difficult to admit and address feelings of anxiety. We may fear appearing weak or worry that acknowledging anxiety will worsen the situation.

Putting your mental health first is essential for leading a life where you feel like you can breathe again, relax… Hell, maybe even feel playful and have a thriving social life. If this sounds too dreamy, bear with me – it can be hard to imagine things will ever be different or get to that level of relief.

In this blog, we will explore practical strategies tailored to women in St. George, UT, to effectively manage and overcome anxiety, while honoring the unique context of this vibrant community.

Women in St. George UT Are Managing Anxiety With Radical Honesty

Before we launch into this blog let’s start with just one basic concept: When it comes to managing our mental well-being, honesty is the best policy. By recognizing and accepting our anxiety, we lay the groundwork for growth and the relief we seek. It’s the way we “find a way out.”

The good news is that if you’re reading this blog, chances are you’ve listened to a hunch that something is off. This can show up in a range of ways. Perhaps you’ve noticed in your mind:

  • Anxious thoughts
  • Over thinking
  • Worry
  • Mentally preoccupied / Obsessive thoughts
  • Brain fog

Another way anxiety might be showing up is emotionally. Have you experienced any of these?

  • Feeling on edge
  • Irritable
  • Fearful or nervous
  • Easily overwhelmed
  • Sensitive or emotional

Finally, anxiety can take its toll on women’s bodies. May of the ambitious women that seek counseling at Guided Wellness Counseling tell us at some point in their anxiety they have experienced:

  • Heart racing / pounding
  • Upset stomach or nausea
  • Over eating of loss of appetite
  • Difficulty sleeping or resting
  • Lack of sexual desire
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Embracing Supportive Communities In Southern Utah

Living in St. George, UT, provides us with the opportunity to connect with like-minded women facing similar challenges. Anxiety can feel so isolating and like you’ve lost yourself. However, in order to find these communities we must first practice what we just discussed: honesty. That’s right, in order to find these communities we must be willing to raise a hand and say, “Me too.”

Seeking support from community organizations, women’s groups, or therapy resources can provide invaluable guidance and understanding. Surrounding ourselves with individuals who can relate to our experiences creates a safe space for open conversations and shared wisdom.

Many women seek guidance from their Guided Wellness Counseling therapist about how to identify safe places and people. Managing people pleasing or social anxiety can be essential work with your counselor. And of course, practicing healthy boundaries so that you don’t feel too vulnerable while sharing, or withholding too much that you don’t get the benefits of supportive relationships.

Cultivating Self-Compassion With A St. George Therapist

In a society that often expects women to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities, it is crucial to prioritize self-compassion. We have to challenge negative, anxious self-talk with self care, compassion and patience. Incorporating self care activities; such as mindfulness practices, hobbies, and physical exercise, can help build resilience and foster emotional well-being.

But you likely know this. Many of our clients at Guided Wellness Counseling know what they ‘should’ be doing: less screen time, more movement… earlier to bed… etc. But we don’t sugar coat things at our counseling practice. Self care can be hard. Let’s look at a personal example.

Therapy at Guided Wellness Provides Accountability For Change

As a Type-A personality who loves her job, I’ll be the first to admit it’s hard for me to stop working at 4:30 PM. Given the chance to be productive on my laptop or go for a walk, I’ll choose productivity at my own expense (if I’m not being mindful). And the Sunday scaries I feel each week can lead to me anxiously cleaning and drowning in task management instead of

self-regulating behaviors like dancing in my kitchen, using my deep breathing app or going to the park for a barefoot walk.

But if I can do it – you can too. It’s not about perfection. It’s a practice. You can congratulate yourself each time you try – that’s self-compassion. Each day you try again without the guilt and shame of previous attempts.

Therapy has helped me stay accountable to these good-for-me practices and many of our clients find the same to be true for them. Having a therapist you meet with weekly increases follow-through – because things have gotta change.

A Free Therapy Consultation For Women in St. George UT | 84790

I hope this blog gives you some clarity on how your anxiety is showing up, the kind of support that is available, and how therapy can provide the skills and accountability to follow-through. Because if you’ve made it this far, you want to feel better. Something must be done.

You’re invited to take advantage of our free 15-minute phone consultation to see how therapy at Guided Wellness Counseling can support you. The next step is to call or text (435)767-1424.

During your consultation we’ll explore what brings you in for therapy and any goals you have for feeling relief. Then we’ll match you with the right therapist for your goals and personality and answer any questions you may have.

Change is possible when we face our challenges and admit that we no longer feel well. When you can acknowledge that you’re no longer living the adventurous life you desire you can begin to create change. Self compassion, self care and finding support from your community or a licensed therapist are all tools we can help you find.


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