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Kim Klee

(she/her/hers) | Practice Assistant

Greetings from Guided Wellness Counseling! As your virtual contact for counseling services in southern Utah I am here to answer all your questions about therapy, EMDR, coping skills and so much more with our team. But first, I need to know a little about you! That’s why I personally manage every initial consultation. I love getting to know our clients and matching them with the right therapist and service. It emboldens me to know you will be in good hands with our team of licensed professionals. Since joining Guided Wellness I have gotten an even stronger sense of dedication and desire to help people. The passion of our practice invigorates me to push myself harder.

Making that first phone call to explore counseling can be difficult. How do you know if you need counseling? Is EMDR right for you? There can be so many questions! That’s why my number one goal is that I make every client feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. I want every client I speak with, new or old, to know that they are in a nonjudgmental space to express themselves freely and openly.

And while I’m not a therapist, I’m not blind to those of you who are fighting some internal or external turmoil. Depression, anxiety and trauma can be debilitating. But the joy in my job is that I also see individuals like you who are fighters. I see women become clients who have a strong sense of integrity to better themselves. They work through postpartum depression and anxiety. They break through the pain of assaults or childhood abuse. They start setting boundaries. Transformations happen.

It brings me great joy knowing that I’m helping people at a critical point in their lives by taking that first step to bettering themselves and their relationships. It takes courage to speak up for yourself, and I want every person I speak with on the phone to know that they should be commended for stepping into this process. You are not alone.


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DeLayna stout

Therapist, CMHC
Melissa Spaulding Cass

Cass Waldo

Therapist, LCSW
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Melissa Spaulding

Therapist, CMHC
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Kim Klee

Practice Assistant


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Guided Wellness Counseling

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