Blomquist Hale EAP

Counseling & Therapy for Blomquist Hale (EAP) In St. George, UT

Daily life didn’t always feel this hard. Each day you intend to start out hopeful, motivated and ready to show up for yourself and your relationships. But lately, it doesn’t take very long before you are caught up in it all again: feelings of resentment, irritability, self-doubt and ruminating, anxious thoughts.

You want things to feel easy again. Or at least easier than they are now. You remember a time, perhaps not too long ago, when you felt more yourself. Plus, if you’re being really honest, you know there are some long standing patterns you’ve always had that no longer serve you.

You are ready for change. And not another self-help book or video. Therapy can help you return to your strengths, build coping skills and patterns to amplify your growth and help you move past your pain into an adventurous life.

Would you agree that it’s time to try something different?

The team of therapists at Guided Wellness Counseling is proud to partner with Blomquist Hale Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Located in St. George, UT we provide in-office and online counseling and therapy sessions for individuals in Southern UT. With your Blomquist Hale employee benefits, there is absolutely no cost to you and your family.

At Guided Wellness we support our clients in overcoming:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Low motivation
  • Faith Crisis
  • LGBTQ issues
  • People pleasing / Poor boundaries
  • Codependency
  • Difficult life transitions
  • Loss / Grief
  • Fertility and Parenthood difficulties
  • Personal and emotional challenges
  • Low self esteem
  • Relationship stress

We understand that our Southern Utah culture is ‘heavy’ on resilience and perseverance. But you do not have to manage your personal growth alone. Short term, solution focused therapy aimed at your goals does help.

You can get started today by calling Guided Wellness Counseling for a free 15-minute phone consultation. We’ll briefly explore your goals for counseling and match you with the best therapist on our team. We have a zero-waitlist policy which means you won’t have to wait long for an appointment. Then we’ll support you in getting approval from Blomquist Hale so there is no delay in your services. Let’s get started.

Guided Wellness Counseling

Healing Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma in St. George and all of Southern Utah.

EMDR Therapy and EMDR Consultation Services.

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