Counseling in St. George Utah

The thought of starting counseling may feel strange and scary. A phone call to a therapist is reminiscent of asking someone out on a first date or jumping into a cold shower. Adrenaline can spike.

Your mind can swarm with questions like, “Is my depression really that bad?”, “Can anything help my anxiety?” and “Won’t more time heal my past?” You might not even be sure you want or need help. How do you find a counselor in St. George that is the right fit for you and near you?

A free 15-minute phone consultation is often the best way to find a counselor in St. George. You can call now or go to the Contact page to send an email. Whatever is most comfortable for you.

Consultations with us provide an open, nonjudgmental space to explore why you are interested in counseling now. You’ll be empowered with information about how we can help you and how we’ll work towards your goals. We’ll address practical issues like scheduling or access to other resources.

You are ready for your brain fog and depression to lift. You want to be confident in managing your anxiety and finding greater peace in your life. And, you are ready to have relationships that add to your life but don’t overtake it.

Take the first step towards a more adventurous and joyful life. Give us a call at (435)767-1424 for your free phone consultation about counseling services in St. George, UT at Guided Wellness Counseling.

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