FAQs About Therapy In St. George, Utah

Get The FAQs About Therapy In St. George, Utah
Congratulations on taking the first step in exploring therapists in St. George, UT! Whether this is your first time in therapy or you are returning after some time away, it’s natural to have a ton of questions.

Chances are you’ve had a moment where you recognized that you can’t keep going on the way you’ve been. After trying your best self care, it’s defeating to feel like it’s not making much of a difference. It’s so confusing when it used to help at least a little.

The exhaustion and irritability have begun to run on repeat most days and weeks, even when you think “today will be different.” It’s beginning to take a toll on your relationships and the creeping sense of resentment is a real threat to the intimacy and connections you once had.

FAQ #1: How Often Should I Meet My Trauma Counselors In St. George UT
We are here to set you up for success, before you’ve even scheduled your first counseling appointment. That starts by being empowered with information about counseling services in Southern Utah. You know that saying, “Knowledge Is Power?” It’s true. So, let’s drop some knowledge with this first FAQ: How often should I go to therapy? At Guided Wellness Counseling we recommend weekly therapy sessions at our St. George UT office or via telehealth / online therapy.

The reason for this is twofold. First, the faster your trauma counselor or therapist gets to know you and your needs, the better they can serve you. Second, research shows that regular, consistent sessions get you better results sooner. So take advantage of your early motivation and prioritize those weekly sessions.

FAQ #2: How Soon Can I See My St. George, UT Therapist?
Not only are consistent, weekly sessions important, but so is the office’s ability to get you in. The ambitious women that call the Guided Wellness Counseling office are clear with themselves that they are ready to feel better.

These amazing women have usually read the popular self-help books or blogs, done the workouts and know they need more. They need more and they are ready now. We know there is nothing worse than feeling unwell and being told your provider doesn’t have an opening until next month. That’s not right. For this reason we keep our caseloads small so you don’t have to wait for your first appointment.

FAQ #3: What Can I Expect During Therapy In St. George, UT?
This is a common question, especially if you’ve never been in therapy before. It can speed up your healing if you know what to expect during your first and subsequent sessions. So let’s do a quick walk through!

The first therapy session is called an intake appointment. At Guided Wellness Counseling you’ll find our office right across the street from Harmons Grocery and near the Intermountain Regional Hospital Complex. We will have already emailed some intake paperwork, so when you arrive, you can simply relax. Grab a chocolate, snack or chilled juice and your therapist will be right with you.

Woman smiling on phone, reflected in a mirror.

The intake appointment is a big getting-to-know-you. As mentioned above, the better your therapist knows you, the better they can serve you. You’ll talk about why you came to counseling (Depression? Faith crisis? Irritability? Low Self Esteem?) and what your goals are. Your therapist may also ask if you have a history of trauma or abuse, medical issues or chronic pain and other relevant issues. Rest assured, you don’t have to share anything you don’t want to.

After this first appointment you’ll begin weekly sessions to make progress towards your goals. This can include learning coping skills to reduce anxiety and regulate your nervous system. Our team includes many EMDR therapy providers – EMDR therapy may become part of your counseling if you and your counselor decide it would be helpful.

How Can I Begin Therapy In St. George, UT?
I hope this helps you know what to expect from our St. George UT counseling practice. If you still have questions about what to expect in therapy feel free to call our office at (435)767-1424 for a free 15 minute phone consultation. We’d be happy to hear about what is happening in your life and help direct you to the right person.

If you are looking for more help with depression, you can read more about how we help ambitious women overcome symptoms including brain fog, decision fatigue and overwhelm by clicking here. Your depression therapist will partner with you to strengthen your self image and move away from the negative self-talk, people pleasing and conflict avoidance you may be experiencing.

If you’d like more information on beginning therapy for anxiety, there is a great blog here to explore if anxiety is hurting your relationships. In a safe, supportive relationship it’s important to let your partner know if you are struggling with anxiety. This is important because anxious symptoms can “look like” you being avoidant, angry, disappointed, uninterested or unable to commit. Your anxiety therapist can help you navigate this experience and its impact.

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