Questions To Ask A Therapist In St. George, Utah

I Don’t Know How To Find The Right Therapist In St. George, UT
So, you’ve taken to Google to “Find a therapist near me” in St. George UT and you’ve found a couple that look… okay-ish? But how do you know if you’ve found the right therapist for your depression, anxiety or PTSD? Will you know what questions to ask?

It can be difficult to find a therapist who is a good fit. But you know it’s time to look for trauma counseling or something to help you reduce the overwhelm and negative self-talk you’ve been feeling inside. Googling for a counselor can be a great first step. There are also a few directories you could look at too.

Knowing what to ask during a consultation can help you go beyond an okay-ish therapist to finding a trauma counselor or therapist who you really “gets” you, supports you unconditionally, and opens the door to talk about anything. Really – anything.

Therapists In St. George Utah That Prioritize Your Needs
It can feel vulnerable to call for a therapist and begin the search. Often, the problem isn’t finding a therapist. The problem is that it’s overwhelming having so many choices, especially when they all look the same or claim to help with your exact issue: depression, anxiety or PTSD.

It really does come down to that personal connection and what works for your unique personality. For example – (this is Melissa Spaulding) I tend to curse in my therapy sessions. My team member DeLayna Stout, CMHC – she has the best sense of humor! And our therapist Cass Waldo, LCSW – she has a calm, mindful presence that makes me feel uplifted and relaxed all at the same time, I don’t know how she does it.

So let’s make this personal and operate from a basic rule of thumb – you can ask whatever you want when you’re trying to find a therapist for anxiety, depression, PTSD… whatever it is that’s overwhelming you. Our team of therapists at Guided Wellness Counseling stands

Questions To Ask A Therapist In St. George, UT
Your therapist should prioritize your emotional safety. How will you know if you feel emotionally safe? If you get off the phone or leave the appointment and feel like:

  • You weren’t being taken seriously
  • You weren’t being believed
  • You weren’t being respected
  • You were being rushed

…then this is not the therapist for you. If they make you feel weird for asking questions, move on.

Questions we have been asked at Guided Wellness Counseling include:

  • I’m a transwoman – will I feel safe in your waiting room?
  • I have a same-sex partner / identify as queer – is that going to be okay?
  • I am leaving the LDS church – is my therapist okay with that?
  • I’m in an open / poly marriage – will I be judged?
  • I was abused as a child – is it too late for EMDR therapy?
  • I am struggling with anxiety – can you give me more than coping skills?

As you read this list, what questions come up for you? We encourage you to ask anything that will help you feel confident and comfortable starting trauma counseling or therapy before you even attend your first appointment.

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I Found A Therapist In St. George UT – Now What?
Now that you have begun to consider your emotional safety and needs, there are a few more things you might consider. These are practical considerations but they are just as important when you are looking for a local therapist.

One factor you might consider is location. Let’s be real – St. George traffic has gotten a little crazy and the surrounding cities like Ivins, UT and Washington, UT are sprawling. So think about the ease of getting to and from therapy during the day. For clarity, Guided Wellness Counseling is located across the street from Harmons Grocery and the Intermountain St. George Regional Hospital. This makes it easy to pair with running errands or grabbing dinner on the way home.

The second factor you’ll want to consider is availability. What day is best for your weekly therapy sessions? And what time? Weekly sessions are an important part of your progress. They allow you to learn skills or deconstruct your trauma, apply what you’ve learned and then reinforce and deepen the following week. This kind of follow-through and consistency gets the best results. So be sure to find a day and time that works for you. At our Southern Utah office, we have sessions from 9 AM – 6 PM and telehealth, online therapy too.

Therapy In St. George UT Starts With A Free Consultation
If you are ready to begin your recovery from depression, anxiety and PTSD; then call for a complimentary consultation by calling Guided Wellness at (435)767-1424. Our practice assistant can help identify why you are coming to therapy, your goals, and the best therapist for your needs. Most of all, she’ll answer all the questions you have.

Our St. George, UT team is proud to include several EMDR trauma therapy providers. EMDR trauma counseling is a great fit for those of us that struggle with low self-worth and low self-esteem. Many women find it’s a great compliment to marriage counseling as they work through the old trauma that is affecting their current relationship.

As the premier provider of EMDR therapy and mental health services for women in Southern Utah, we welcome you to our office. We look forward to answering all of your questions about therapy and trauma counseling. If you are ready, we urge you to call or text today. Heal from your anxiety and trauma and begin living an adventurous life.


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