How Do I Find An EMDR Consultant?

One of the amazing things about becoming an EMDR therapist is that you are joining a worldwide community of clinicians that are speaking the same clinical language and that generate healing with the same AIP model. You might have traveled long and far (in person or online) to complete your basic training. The arms of the EMDR Institute and HAP are long and wide reaching.

Don’t Practice EMDR In Isolation.

When you return home to the privacy of your office, however, it can feel lonely and isolating. Who can you turn to with questions? Who can help you get back on track when your clients stop progressing? What are the next steps for a clinician who needs more than the basic protocol?

Working with an EMDRIA-approved consultant is your solution! The consultant provides you with answers to all of these questions, and more. A consultant guides you through the model, the art of its application, introduces you to advanced protocols, and helps you troubleshoot specific client-centric issues. But how and where do you find one?

I Can Help You Easily Find an EMDRIA Consultant!

EMDRIA has taken on the task of credentialing consultants who are experienced and excited to work with a clinician like you. They are currently creating a database of their consultants which will make finding one near you easy-peasy.

Until then, good ol’ Google will get the job done. I highly recommend entering the search term “EMDR Consultation,” in addition to your city and state. The perk of this is that you may discover your city or state has a regional organization! I am a firm believer that clients’ outcomes increase when their clinician is connected to a community of resources (including training and supervision or consultation), in addition to receiving emotional support.

No local consultants? No worries! Luckily, finding an EMDR Consultant is not the same as finding a supervisor for licensure. Your consultant does not need to be in your city, state or have the same degree or licensure as you. Virtual consultation sessions are highly effective and give you the opportunity to work with a consultant that supports you in all the ways you need most.

Certified or In-Training – You’ve Got Options!

When looking for an EMDRIA Certified Consultant you’ll see two options: “Consultant” and “Consultant In-Training”. What is the difference? It’s simple. A Consultant In-Training has their own Consultant that reviews their consultation work.  EMDRIA requires all consultants to be “in-training” before they can become fully independent.

Does “In-Training” mean less experienced? Not all! You could find a Fully Independent Consultant who has only been practicing EMDR therapy for 4 years. And, on the other hand, a Consultant In-Training who’s been practicing EMDR for 20 years, but their career didn’t allow time for them to consult until now. If you are working towards your EMDRIA Certification you can obtain half of your hours with a Consultant In-Training, so don’t hesitate to work with someone who is “in training.”

Making A Connection Is As Easy As 1-2-3.

At Guided Wellness I offer a free 15-minute consultation to anyone seeking EMDR Consultation services. During this call we’ll discuss why you are looking for support. I’ll ask you questions such as:  Are you newly trained and wanting to build your confidence? Do you want to become EMDR Certified with EMDRIA? Do you want to become a Consultant?

I will answer all of your questions and explain how I use story, humor, and case examples to deepen your ability to integrate EMDR therapy into your practice. We’ll explore the importance of you leaving each consultation meeting with actionable next steps that you’ll take into your very next therapy session. Then, if we’re a good fit, we can schedule your first individual consultation or group consultation session!

I cannot wait to answer any questions you might have about EMDRIA Certification and how consultation can light a fire under your client’s progress.

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