How do you know if you need therapy?

St. George Women Ask: Do I Need Therapy?

Everyone has their preferred ways of living their life and of handling their problems. You, like everyone else, have experienced problems and found ways to solve them. Whether that was how to use time-outs with your kiddo more effectively or how to integrate your Google calendar with your other work systems. When you problem solved those situations you learned a few things about yourself and how the world works.

We like our solutions and can solve most of our own problems. This is a good thing. This should be celebrated, and we can be proud of ourselves. Ambitious, adventurous Southern Utah women – we see you! This doubling down and emphasis on self-care, resources and relationships is awesome. It’s a good strategy. It’s a great start to solving our problems.

But occasionally, we are confronted with a situation that seems to push us to our limits. It exceeds our knowledge. Our regular way of solving things isn’t changing the overwhelm and anxiety we feel. We may try to double down, doing the hard work, using our tools more often and more intently. And when it just isn’t working, when you are tired, at your wits end, confused and feeling like there is no way out…. When you feel like you have exhausted all your resources, you might need a therapist.

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How Do I Find Therapy For Myself?

If you are wondering how to find a therapist there are several options you will want to consider. A simple Google search for therapists in your area really is a good place to start. Be careful that you aren’t seduced by the ads at the top of the page. Their location at the top of the page doesn’t necessarily reflect that they are an excellent match for what you need. And it seems there are more and more ads than ever!

With this in mind, you might consider Googling:

  • EMDR therapist near me
  • Trauma counseling near me
  • Counseling for women St George UT

Therapists cannot solicit reviews (according to their code of ethics), but clients can choose to give them on their own accord. So, the reviews you see online are most likely genuine. Feel free to choose someone near you and whose profile is appealing. If what they say or how they present doesn’t resonate with you, it’s ok to move on.

After the logistics are taken care of, it’s time to recognize your own preferences. Finding the right therapist is like finding a good pair of shoes- you get to try a few on and see how they feel. Therapy for trauma / PTSD or anxiety and depression is your journey, about you and for you. You get to feel comfortable in the presence of your therapist. In fact, you need to.


What Is Therapy Like, Really?

During the next two to three sessions, you get to interact with your therapist. You’ll begin to get clarity and during this time you’ll naturally sense if you feel comfortable with your therapist and safe enough to explore the difficult stuff in your life. Your therapist isn’t like your accountant or dentist, with whom you interact on a superficial level – just enough to get the job done (no offense to accountants and dentists!).

It really helps if you like spending time with your therapist, you get to enjoy each other’s company. Now, sometimes, like any relationship, there will be rough patches. The conversations you’re having in counseling, well – these are not easy conversations you are having. But it’s easier when you like your conversation partner.

Sometimes therapists talk about the kind of degree, training, or license they have. Sometimes they talk about the therapeutic philosophy they use. You get to worry about this as much or as little as you want. If you would like to know ‘how the sausage is made’ so-to-speak, feel free to ask them to explain how their degree is different from other degrees. If you are curious as to what they are doing with you, how, and why, feel free to ask them to explain it. But know that it’s also okay to intuitively trust and rely on your therapist.

I Need Help Finding Therapy Near Me In St. George, UT

When looking for a therapist in St. George, UT or the surrounding Southern Utah area, Google is your friend. Once you’ve done your search and taken advantage of the free phone consultation consults you’ll have a better sense of what you want in a therapist and the features that are important to you. For example, at Guided Wellness Counseling we often have people tell us, “I landed on your website and it’s like you were speaking right to me!” Workshop attendees will report, “I love how simple you made it to understand my struggle with self-esteem!”

As you have these experiences in your own search it’s totally ok to narrow down the list based on details you prefer such as: location, gender, and their treatment focus. As therapists we do\ our best to treat people from all walks of life, but if, for example, you feel more comfortable with your same or different gendered therapist, that’s ok. During our complimentary phone consultations we’ve been asked for a:

  • female therapist
  • LDS therapist
  • non-LDS therapist
  • EMDR therapist
  • strong LGBTQ+ ally
  • therapist familiar with open marriages / ethical non monogamy
  • therapist who understands parenting struggles
  • counselor trained in betrayal trauma
  • and so much more…

It’s ok to ask for what you want and need. Did you want someone to listen and validate? Are you looking for solutions? Did you have a therapist in the past who talked too much or too little? As you answer these questions you’ll gain insight into what you are looking for.

In addition, you can directly ask or tell your therapist what you want or need. Over my many years of being a therapist I’ve had plenty of clients say to me (DeLayna Stout, CMHC at Guided Wellness Counseling), “I don’t need you to nod your head and ask “how did that make you feel? I need some direction”. And you know what? I’m so happy for feedback! I want to be of use to my clients and now that I know what they want, I’m happy to do that for them.

Take the Next Step: Therapy In St. George UT | 84790 | 84780

Are you finding it hard to set boundaries in your relationships? Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed or burned out? Is past trauma or PTSD symptoms making it hard to live the adventurous life you want for yourself? You’re not alone. It’s okay to ask for help. Talking to a licensed mental health professional can make a big difference.

At Guided Wellness Counseling in St. George UT, we’re here to support you. We understand that being a woman with big dreams means taking care of yourself too. You deserve to feel confident and happy, both in and out of your relationships. That’s why we offer counseling sessions tailored just for your goals and vision.

Whether you’re looking to heal from past trauma, boost your confidence, or improve your relationships, we’re here to help. Our team of therapists specializes in guiding women towards a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Ready to take the next step towards a happier, healthier you? Start with a free phone consultation to learn more about our counseling and therapy services. Together, we’ll find the best therapist to support you on your journey towards healing and growth. You deserve to feel good about yourself, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.


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