Maximizing Your Therapy in St. George, UT: The Benefits of a Post-Session Walk

Therapy is a powerful tool for women in St. George, Utah, looking to overcome depression, anxiety, and trauma/PTSD. Many seek counseling to navigate challenging life transitions, such as a faith crisis, coping with a partner’s infidelity, or dealing with the grief that comes with separation or divorce. Our team of skilled therapists understands that setting aside time for weekly therapy sessions can be challenging. So, what I’m about to suggest may seem like an even bigger ask…

But if you’re committed to self-care and personal growth, why not make the most of this precious hour? Did you know there are things you can do to enhance your therapeutic gains and make the most of your therapy sessions? One of them is free and accessible to nearly everyone in St. George: going for a walk.

Walking After Therapy is a Game-Changer

Going for a walk after your therapy session is an incredibly valuable form of active self-care. The benefits are multifold, and today’s blog will discuss why you may want to set aside just 20 minutes after your therapy sessions for a walk.

Now, if you are attending sessions in person at the Guided Wellness Counseling office in St. George, UT you are in luck! We are located just minutes away from several parks that provide shade, respite and valuable time for personal reflection as well as opportunities to ‘get grounded’ before heading back to work or your busy home.

St. George Women: Claim An Extended Period of Self-Reflection

We love walking for our therapy clients after sessions because it extends the period of self-reflection. It can feel jarring to go from an emotionally vulnerable therapy session into a home filled with a tantruming toddler, quarreling siblings, and dinner waiting to be made. Taking time for yourself before diving back into the “real world” is a way to be gentle with yourself. It gives you an opportunity to breathe and move your body as the lessons and skills from your therapy session begin to settle in.

You Deserve Gentle Self-Care Practices After Therapy

It’s essential to be gentle with yourself and practice self-care while in therapy, especially if you are:

  • Attending counseling for grief and loss
  • Doing EMDR trauma / PTSD therapy
  • Meeting with a therapist to clarify a major life transition

When I was doing EMDR therapy for my own trauma / PTSD, I took several steps to ensure I was gentle with myself after therapy sessions. First, I scheduled my therapy sessions later in the day so I didn’t have to return to the office and be emotionally available to my clients. Instead, I went downtown, got a treat from my favorite coffee shop, then went home for a simple dinner of quesadillas. I followed this with a shower and an early bedtime. No chores. No paperwork. Just nice and easy.

Of course, this was before I was married and had children. I admit, pulling this off now would be much more challenging. Still, most of us can arrange for an extra 10 to 20 minutes after our therapy sessions to go for a simple walk. One of my clients even shared with me that she’d take a trip to Target to smell the candles and look at beautiful things before heading home to her high demand kiddos.

Person walking on grass with hiking boots.

Mental Health Benefits of Walking After Therapy in St. George, UT

A short walk after your therapy session doesn’t just give you time and space to reflect. It also
has benefits for your overall mental health, including:

  • Stress relief via stimulation of your central nervous system.
  • Improved mood thanks to increased blood flow and circulation.
  • A boost of endorphins, leading to increased energy.
  • Improved sleep quality come bedtime, especially important for those who struggle with racing thoughts or feeling preoccupied when they try to sleep.

Our Top Three Recommendations for Walking Paths in St. George, UT

So, would you be willing to schedule an additional 20 minutes after your therapy session for a walk? To make this even easier, here are our top three recommendations for easy walking paths in St. George, Utah:

  1. Red Hills Desert Garden
  2. Vernon Worthen Park
  3. Tonaquint Nature Center

Let’s talk a little more about what makes these parks a great choice for your post-therapy stroll.

Certainly! Here are brief descriptions of the three recommended parks, highlighting why they are ideal for a post-therapy walk in St. George, UT:

Woman walking on a leafy path with backpack.

#1 Walk After Therapy In St. George: Red Hills Desert Garden

Located at 375 E. Red Hills Parkway, the Red Hills Desert Garden is a stunning, easily accessible oasis in the heart of St. George, UT. This park features beautifully landscaped walking paths surrounded by over 5,000 water-efficient plants and a unique, meandering stream. The serene environment and gorgeous desert scenery make it a perfect spot to reflect and unwind after a therapy session.

Top Feature: The garden’s intricate, visually captivating displays of native desert flora provide a calming and inspiring atmosphere. Guided Wellness Counseling owner, Melissa Spaulding, loves this spot to reconnect with the seasonal changes we experience in Southern Utah. Being mindful of the passage of time can be helpful in the therapeutic process.

#2 Walk After Therapy In St. George: Vernon Worthen Park

Situated at 300 S. 400 E., Vernon Worthen Park is conveniently located in downtown St. George, UT. This park offers a wide-open space with well-maintained walking paths, shaded picnic areas, and a beautiful gazebo. Its central location makes it an ideal, easy-to-reach destination for a relaxing walk post-therapy, allowing you to decompress and enjoy some fresh air.

Top Feature: The park’s expansive green spaces and picturesque gazebo create a tranquil setting perfect for contemplation and relaxation. Melissa’s favorite feature is the lush grass, perfect for walking barefoot to feel grounded and reconnect with nature. This park also features a fabulous playground where, if it aligns with your personal parenting style, you can walk laps while your children play.

#3 Walk After Therapy In St. George: Tonaquint Nature Center

Located at 1851 S. Dixie Drive, Tonaquint Nature Center is a peaceful retreat nestled along the Santa Clara River. While this park is perhaps best known for its dinosaur themed all-abilities playground and steaming volcano feature it still features it’s original serene walking trails that wind through lush greenery and alongside a tranquil pond. This makes it a great spot to connect with nature. Its convenient location and calming ambiance provide an ideal environment for post-therapy reflection.

Top Feature: The nature center’s scenic trails and pond create a soothing natural escape, perfect for grounding yourself after an emotionally intense therapy session. As a native upstate New Yorker, Melissa loves finding herself in the lush greenscape not found at most other parks in town.

Make The Most Of Therapy In St. George, UT

Variety of cacti in botanical garden.
By incorporating these tips, you can make the most of your therapy sessions and continue to prioritize your mental health and well-being. These parks are not only accessible and beautifully maintained but also provide the perfect backdrop for a reflective and restorative walk after your therapy sessions in St. George, UT.

If you’re looking for counseling in St. George, UT, or searching for a therapist near you, our team is here to support you on your journey to healing and self-care. Not only are we passionate about women’s mental and emotional health in all phases of adulthood (from college to retirement) we are proud to be the premier provider of EMDR therapy for women in Southern Utah.

Would you be interested to learn more about starting therapy? Call or text now for a complimentary phone consultation. We’ll set a few minutes aside to explore your goals for therapy, answer your questions and match you with the best therapist for your needs. Then, if it’s right, we’ll book your first appointment and get your journey started. Improved self-worth, better boundaries, coping skills and clarity await and we couldn’t be more excited to support every step you take.

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