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 Welcome to Guided Wellness Counseling! Before we ever meet in the therapy office I need you to know that, above all things, I want for you to feel safe in this process. When you first become a client, being in the therapy chair can feel like a vulnerable place. I know from my own experience and from my client’s experiences that we don’t grow until we lean into that feeling of vulnerability. So I challenge you to join me in that place somewhere between taking a risk (vulnerability) and showing up anyway.

When you do, we might just discover that you are inherently valuable. In fact, I’m certain we will! I love to work with clients in burning down those old fashioned notions of self esteem. It allows you room to realize that you are valuable, you always have been and you always will be. The bad things that happened – you deserved better than that. You are worth investing in. You are worth creating an adventurous life that you love and thrive in.

Many of my clients say my superpower is teaching boundaries. Step by step, we clear the cobwebs off of old trauma, heal and lean into how precious you are. We can begin to see that it’s time to step up and protect your space, energy, mind and body. Boundaries allow us to do that.

All of this can be hard work! But I love it. I see the hope for your future. I see the pain people are in and know that it can be better. It’s thrilling for me to engage in a collaborative process to get you there. It’s not always straightforward and the results are sometimes surprising. Getting to be on this journey with my amazing clients is worth every second I put into training and learning how I can serve you better.


DeLayna stout

Therapist, CMHC

Melissa Spaulding

Therapist, CMHC

Joanie Michel

Virtual Practice Assistant

Anne H

Therapist, MSW


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