Why Do I Feel Agitated And Emotional?

Why Do I Feel Agitated And Emotional?

Do you find yourself getting upset over the smallest things? Do you cope well all day only to “lose it” over trivial events or small details? Does the day start well, only end with you unable to tolerate a change of plans or unfinished details?

If you’ve been wondering why you feel irritable, moody and agitated then this is the blog for you. Today we’ll take steps to help you understand the experience of being so emotional, why this is happening and how you can adjust your mindset and self-care to take the edge off. The clinical team of counselors at Guided Wellness Counseling in St. George UT does dozens of therapy sessions every month talking with our clients about this exact thing.


Do You Know If Your Stress Is Too High?

The thing you need to know is that the effect of stress is cumulative. In other words, stress builds on stress, upon stress, upon stress… until it’s something way bigger than we can tolerate. One more stress is not just “one more stress.” It’s the thing that sends us over the edge. It can feel like gradually building anxiety, overwhelm and decision fatigue.

You can visualize it like this… We often see stressors as separate events which can be imagined like a spaced-out line of children’s blocks. On their own, they are just small little blocks. But in reality, the effect of stress is cumulative. It’s like stacking those blocks one on top of each other. Now imagine that they are a tall tower ready to crumble and tumble down with just the slightest tap. That tower is incapable of holding just… one… more… block.

In real life, those stacking blocks might look like this:
● Block 1: You are running late for work in the morning
● Block 2: Your boss assigns you a new big project
● Block 3: You realize you forgot lunch and are starving by 2 PM
● Block 4: Your partner is not home to help with the kids as planned
● Block 5 and more: …And then you look around and realize your counters are cluttered, the kids haven’t had baths, the laundry isn’t folded and….

Suddenly you are losing your mind! Can you see how any one of those things as a single event is not super big? But all together, it’s a stress bomb.

Stress Management Is Mood Management

Losing your temper or emotional control is not a fun experience. It can be destabilizing to those around you as well as leave you feeling guilty, shameful or helpless. But know that you are not alone.

Here’s good news: Understanding why this happens can help us manage stress differently. The first thing we can do to manage stress differently is by looking at how we do self-care. Together, by managing our stress and caring for our moody self we can reduce how often you are “freaking out.” Think of it like a simple math problem:

Stress Level + Good Self Care = Less Moody


How Can I Manage My Stress And Anxiety?

There are some easy steps you can take on your own to manage your stress and anxiety better. First, be mindful of the little things. Acknowledge they are stressful and avoid the temptation to “shrug it off.” This is especially important for those who have a lot of emotional labor (like stay at home moms / parents and caregivers and those with high performing anxiety.

Second, allow yourself to feel the stress. We know, this doesn’t sound like fun. But that stress has to go somewhere. You can either allow yourself to feel it in a safe, manageable way… or wait until your next outburst. You can allow yourself to feel the stress by taking stock of your body and if you’re holding tension in your jaw, shoulders or other area. Breath and do something to attend to that physical stress. For example, you can stretch, dance or listen to a guided relaxation. Lucky for you, we’ve got a great blog on our favorite stress management tools!

Finally, incorporate self-care all through the day. Do what you can to eat regularly and hydrate. Try getting outside and going for a walk. Fun fact: taking walks in the sunshine for 5 – 15 minutes will boost your serotonin and increase your Vit-D. Both of these boosts can stabilize your mood and increase feelings of wellbeing. So put the kids in the stroller and don’t skip your lunch break. Get outside and feel the sun on your face

Counseling and Therapy Can Help In St. George, Utah | 84790 | 84770 | 84720 | 84737

If you have tried these tips and are still struggling with anger, irritability or moodiness then counseling can help. There may be something else at play like depression, anxiety and PTSD or

The team at Guided Wellness Counseling is skilled at helping you heal, cope and live a more adventurous life. We know that your symptoms can make it feel like going for a walk in the sunshine feels impossible. That’s okay – we’ve got you and you are not alone.

If you are ready to explore if therapy can help then call today for your free 15-minute phone consultation or book for later this week. We’ll explore why you’re considering counseling and give you all the information you need to make a decision about moving forward with counseling and therapy near you.


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